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The good news is that being stuck is the first stage of change. Rather than being something to fight against, it is actually a sign that you are ready to grow. Imagine what the chick must feel like in the egg just before it is ready to hatch--stuck tight with nowhere to budge!

My approach to therapy grew first from the natural world. Even something as simple as leaves returning to trees in the spring informs my thinking about people. It helps me to see the value of time and patience. That given space and a little nourishment people can grow into new selves. That loss is inevitable. That out of loss can come new life. That timing is crucial. And that at the center of the suffering and chaos of our lives there is an order much broader and more encompassing than we can imagine. 

I also draw from:

  • MINDFULNESS - being aware of the present is the first step toward change
  • NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION - focus on our deeper human needs releases compassion for ourselves and others
  • HUMANIST PSYCHOLOGY - we naturally strive to be our best selves
  • PARTS THEORY - all the ages we have ever been live inside us
  • SOMATIC AWARENESS - listening to the body is a direct path to awareness
  • SYSTEMS THEORY - to know who you are, know how you are interconnected
  • ENNEAGRAM - understanding patterns helps you to have choice

I believe that one of my main strengths is something you can only find from people who are following their own callings: I know what it feels like to be doing my life work. I am so grateful for the whole crazy winding path of my life, and I am dedicated to serving this life force in others, encouraging people to find that delicate intersection of their heart's desire and the world's needs, and to live their whole selves with integrity and joy.

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