Katie Talbott - Mindfulness-Based Counseling


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Individual Counseling

Individual sessions give you the time and space to focus on you. It may seem hard to take time for yourself with everything that needs to get done in a day.  So the first thing we do is just stop. And breathe. And find your own grounding once again.

Then we begin the work that you have come to do.  Whether you are caught in a pattern, planning an action, or ready to take your next step, I meet you where you are and we move at your own speed.

Individual counseling is a place to explore the subtle dimensions of your own inner landscape.  It can help you sort out your thoughts and get clear.  It can help you to free up emotions that are caught in the past so your energy is available to you now. It can help you connect to a deeper experience of your Self and to your own resources of calmness, clarity, and compassion. And it can help you to grow, to find the seeds of learning that live at the center of all experience.

I enjoy working with both men and women, and often see adults in their middle years who may be redefining themselves after some challenging experiences.  I often work with people who are looking to be at home in the world, whether that means accepting and integrating parts of themselves, stepping into their life work, or exploring ways to give back to their community.

Ultimately all the work I do connects to spirituallity, simply because everything is interconnected, and there is no separation between our most mundane experiences and our most sublime.

If you are interested in the philosophy and tools of my work, see my approach. I always welcome your questions by e-mail.